Tips to keep your skin fresh in this season

Tips to keep your skin fresh in this season

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  • Oct 04, 2022

Tips to keep your skin fresh in this season

Having a healthy glowing skin is a sign of good health. To keep the skin fresh and healthy one has to follow a proper skin care routine based on their skin type. Cleansing, Moisturizing, Toning (CMT) should be done regularly. We list out some basic things everyone must follow for a healthy skin:

  • Follow the basics

Use products based on the skin type. Use a good sunscreen lotion while going out in the sun. Don't go to bed with makeup on, remove it completely with a cleanser, wash it off and then apply night cream. Always try to use less makeup, to stay away from harsh chemicals which adversely affect the skin. Let the skin breathe too. Use separate moisturizer, exfoliating creams for face and body. For face use mild scrub. Always wash face with good face wash as per skin type. Use separate towel for face if you have acne issues. Well, besides these basics that most of you follow, a clean diet is also importan for a fresh skin. We reached out to Soumya B Hegde, Nutritionist, Fitness Expert, and Owner at BFIT With SOUMYA to list out some diet tips to keep the skin fresh this season.

  • Hydrate

Drink lots of water. Drink 3-4 litres of water daily. Water flushes out lots of toxins through sweat. Eat fibre rich fruits more.

  • Avoid fried and oily foods

Too much trans fat, processed foods are bad for skin health.

  • Avoid sugar and sweets

Too much sugar reduces collagen and increases premature aging by forming fine lines because glucose triggers a process called glycation, that is premature aging.

  • Eat more seeds

Sunflower, pumpkin, flax seeds are very rich in Vitamin E which keeps skin supple, young and fresh.

  • Eat fruits rich in Vitamin C

Eat seasonal fruits which are rich in vitamin C. Oranges, grapefruits, berries, mosambi are abundant in vitamin C.

  • Eat nuts and dry fruits

Include peanuts, walnuts, hazelnuts, almonds, cashews, raisins, fig as they are rich in vitamins and minerals.

  • Eat more protein

Eat more pulses, legumes, paneer, tofu if you are a vegetarian. Eat eggs, fish if you are a non vegetarian. Eating more protein which keeps the skin tight. Collagen formation is more when protein is included in the diet.